Sunday 19th April

This Sunday we are going to try an on-line service which you are all invited to join in with.  We will be using Zoom, which is an on-line video conference programme using computers (or tablets/smart phones), that allows a number of users to come together.

The service will start at 9.30am and has been prepared by Anthony White, one of our Worship Leaders, Revd Joachim will be delivering a short talk.  This is the first time we are conducting a service this way, so please bear with us as there might be a few technical hitches and things to learn from on the way.  However, we hope that the opportunity to see each other again will be worth it.

Instructions, including a link to the Zoom meeting, are available in the Pews News, we suggest that you log-in around 9.20am so that we are all ready to start at 9.30am.  You will have to wait in a ‘waiting room’ to be let into the meeting – this is a security step so please dont be alarmed!

The order of service is available for those who do not wish to access the service this way.  It includes the intercessions, prepared by Pam Dodd and the music.  If you are joining the service on-line the liturgy will be displayed on screen. Easter 2nd Sunday pdf

Alternatively Revd Joachim has recorded a Eucharist Service which can be accessed via YouTube.  It is in two parts.   Part 1  Part 2 

As usual there are a number of offerings from both Truro Diocese and the Church of England to access services this coming Sunday.  Bishop Philip has recorded a service that will be available at 8.00am on theDiocesan Website and is planning to host a live All-Age Service at 9.30am on the Diocesan Facebook page (which will also be available after the event), whilst they haven’t released all the details yet apparently it involves Doubting Thomas, a penguin and a banana!

For those with families both Roots andIllustrated Ministry have some material that you might find helpful.

For other notices (and the all important links to Zoom) please see the Pews News.

All that remains is to say that we really look forward to seeing many of you again on Sunday Morning.