About Us

Probus Church seeks to be an outward looking church, and is well rooted in the community, running several locally based ministries. Generous relationships are very important to us and we find the inspiration for this from the Kingdom teaching of Jesus and prayer. Probus Church comes from a broad Anglican tradition and seeks to equip all in their service of God.

Our vision is tied to our name – The Church of St Probus and St Grace. Probus means goodness in Latin and it is believed that our church was founded over a thousand years ago, not necessarily by these two saints but on the two ideas of Goodness and Grace. These describe the nature of our God as generous, loving and good to us beyond what we could ever deserve. God’s grace to us comes to its fullness in the life and death of Jesus who pays for our sins so that we can be restored to God. We come together as a church to give thanks and praise back to God in recognition of this. But this goodness and grace we receive can overflow to others (see 2Cor. 9:10-11) as we demonstrate goodness in our lives as a fruit of the Spirit. And so, as a church, we recognise that our thankful service to our generous God will naturally lead to acts of grace and goodness to all. our vision can then be summarised as “Receiving the Grace of Jesus and sharing His Goodness with the world” or simply “Grace and Goodness”, the English translation of the church’s ancient motto “Gratia et Probus”.

This vision is also expressed in the Probus prayer. The first 2 lines of this prayer are ancient, have no doubt been used for generations and can be found written on the ceiling of the church. The last two lines are a contemporary addition to fit with the 2 Corinthians reading.

Jesu, us thy people hear,
Send us GRACE and GOOD for e’er
These gifts in us to overflow
To all we see and love and know.

Our normal Sunday services are planned as follows:

1st Sunday of the Month: 9:30 Connect (informal all-age praise service), 11:00 Traditional Communion

2nd Sunday of the Month: 9:30 Contemporary Communion

3rd Sunday of the Month: 9:30 Connect.

4th Sunday of the Month: 9:30 Traditional Communion, 16:00 Café Church

5th Sunday (should there be one): Team service (venue and times may vary)

For the most up-to-date details of what’s on each week see the latest Pews News at the bottom of the page here.