About Us

Probus Church seeks to be an outward looking church, and is well rooted in the community, running several locally based ministries. Generous relationships are very important to us and we find the inspiration for this from the Kingdom teaching of Jesus and prayer. Basically Evangelical / Charismatic in its theology, ProbusChurch comes from a broad Anglican tradition and attracts people who appreciate a more open, less prescriptive approach.

Our aim is to encourage a radical, personal encounter with God, equipping us for mission in a fast changing world that is in great need of the Gospel. A particular focus for us at present is to try to take much more literally the teaching of Jesus regarding our lifestyle, ie. trusting in our Father to provide the necessities of life – and so be free to live generously, working for God to build and proclaim his Kingdom in a world where there is much suffering.

Our normal Sunday Worship is 10.00am.  We also have a midweek Holy Communion service on the first Thursdays of each month (Weekly during Advent and Lent) at 10.00am.

Our music and liturgy draw on modern as well as traditional streams, and there is an appreciation of quiet moments for personal reflection to complement Biblical teaching.